I write, therefore I am.

April 21, 2018
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I write, therefore I am.

      I write to wish the pain disappear,
      I write to learn the meaning behind me,
      I write to make the love reappear,

in the lives of friends,
in the lives of family,
and the life that is mine.


I am the girl that is seen and not heard.
the girl that is not stereotypic--that makes the lines blurred.
I am the girl that is Indian yet somehow writes spoken word.
the girl that is privileged but confined: a caged bird.


yet I write,
   to spill my meaningful words into open hearts, open minds,
   anyone of any race, gender, sexuality, there are so many kinds!
   of amazing people, of people that understand and care.
   yet they are the ones discriminated against--you can’t tell me that’s fair.


when my baby sister asks me who holds up the sky, and keeps the world spinning,
I tell her:
it is the white teacher who will ask you if you’re okay every day,
it is the black man on the street who smiles at you every day,
it is the Muslim woman next door who brings you food when you’re struggling,
and it is the Hispanic child who tells “it’s gonna be okay” when you’re suffering.


but not everyone takes a part in keeping the world together.
    they say poetry is for the “weak-minded” and the “struggling”.
    but that's not always the reality of everything.


I write to let the world know that I'm one of the people who bears the weight of this world.
      to let the world know that I do not condone discrimination or oppression--it’s atrocious.
      I write to let the world know that I'm here- and I'm ferocious.

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