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How to Make Cheesecake

April 15, 2018
By Tan.Jiayan SILVER, Singapore, Other
Tan.Jiayan SILVER, Singapore, Other
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Step 1:
Forget about why you’re doing this.
It's for your terminally ill mother
In that hospital bed
Looking so weak
Looking so emaciated
But you needn't think about that.
Just focus on the cake.

Step 2:
Don't think about what might happen.
Maybe the flour won't spill.
Maybe the bowl won't shatter.
Maybe the cheesecake won't taste salty.
But even if they did
That's okay.
Everyone makes mistakes.

Step 3:
Enjoy making the cake.
Don't see it as a chore.
Or as a sign of how messed up your life is.
Take it as a solo activity.
Take it as something to calm you down.
Something to make you feel relaxed.
Now let go of perfection.

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