34 weeks

April 3, 2018
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Today my brother left
With his uniform and luggage
He hugged me like it was his last
And teared up as he boarded the train.

It's been two weeks since my brother left
Not a single letter from him yet
He said he'd write everyday
I guess he's busy and forgot to convey.

It's been three weeks since my brother left.
The house is quieter and the air is dull
Mom sits by the telephone, in hope for his call
and Dad smokes a lot in the hall

It's been 20 weeks since my brother left
I can't take it anymore
The Silenced whispers,bloody eyes
And feeding me with constant lies.
'He's okay,' they say
He's coming back one day.
But I know it to be otherwise
For if he was alive,I would have seen it in their eyes.

It's been 34 weeks since my brother left
And for the first time in so long I saw him—
my eyes with tears on the brim
My worst fears were spot on
My brother now belongs to the eternally forgotten.

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