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Ode To My Hair

April 3, 2018
By faithg2950 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
faithg2950 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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To those who say you’re not
You are.
What truly makes you mine?
Is it that you don't come from my head?
Or you don't look like mine?
Or how silky soft you are?
Is that I can run my hands though you and not get caught,
in you like a like fish in a net?
Hair forget why they say “you’re not mine”
Because you are,

The author's comments:

My hair is something that I love and I care for, and the way I think about it is that rather it comes from your head or you bought it, it doesn't matter because its still yours and you should be proud of it, and not care what anyone has to say about it. You should be able to wear YOUR hair how YOU want to, and not worry about what people say rather its yours or not.

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