Get Well Soon

April 3, 2018
By AmariSmith BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
AmariSmith BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Ode to My Mind

Who or what would I be without you?

I need you for everything I do in everyday life.

I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

You give me privacy and protection from the outside world.

My thoughts can’t come together without you.

I still feel so out of place on earth with you.

You make life worth living.

I can say whatever I want, think whatever I want.

Lately I’ve felt distant from you.

It’s not personal, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

You make me this way, but I know it’s not your fault.

This constant fear and anxiety inside you is like a cancer.

It brings me down, but I want you to be stable again.

Not caring what anyone else had to say or not caring what they thought.

Now it’s just constant overthinking.

I don’t know why me. It affects my sleep, everyday activities, and everything in my life.

But you pull through for the minimal good times we can share.

I have no-one else to go to but you.

You’re my shelter, but I also get consumed by your thoughts and your insecurity.

This is basically a letter to myself, but get better soon.

With no you, there is no me.

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