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April 3, 2018
By Olivia_Lever BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
Olivia_Lever BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Music is a way you can chill

And a way to give way to imagination

When you’re on a hill 

Or need inspiration.


Music is a way to help you sleep

So you won’t say a peep

You can listen to music while your drawing

Or when organizing

And don’t forget when people dance with us

But also when on a field trip, in a bus.

Music is a way to be happy

Or a way to deal with sadness

It can help you cope with being angry

But also keep hope on this.


Music blocks your trauma

And helps you deal with drama

Gives you sound whenever your down 

Hoping you don’t depressionize your brain town.

Music, as I said before, gives you sound

Not only when your down

But also when you're happy

And also maybe when your sappy.

The author's comments:

In this poem i wanted to put my opinion as well as other peoples opinions on music. I also might have wanted to put emotion and lyrical flow to give it a rhythmic or musical tone.

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