April 3, 2018
By Anonymous

i want to be with my girl just so we’ll be able to talk bout our life no matter how many times the stories been out. i want to be able to know her layers even if it ain’t a piece a cake. i want to be able to get a taste of her not below her waist.... but knowledgeably. her mind continuously runs with thoughts crazily. flaws under her skin i want her to show to me. study every part of a beautiful piece of God’s creation, so i’m blessed to see a journey ahead of just you and me. i want to be able to learn to caress you gently and considerately cause i know in this world we want king and queens but depend on instagram bios so the relationships can be seen. they do it for the label and not the love themselves. i want genuine love with you but we can keep it to ourselves cause sometimes art is as beautiful when it’s by itself. no distractions, disasters, or anything else. you see the stars connect to create a bigger picture like the way we do. i can see us in the future be the definition of love from the way we fool. a love that comes with bloopers of our everlasting movie of how we’re together. see the scenes changes as we continue to grow older. but one of my favorite moments with you is when your head is on my shoulder. i feel the strength between us two even if you ain’t around. there were times we separated but our love was still able to be found. still thankful for the times where you held me to the ground. a queen in my eyes that always had her crown.

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