Letting Go

April 6, 2018
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Days after you left me I had to really let you go
Dressed in all black but it wasn’t for show.
I’d hoped it was all just a bad dream
But when it became reality I just wanted to scream.
I walked in those doors and everything hurt
I knew that soon you would be put in the dirt.
The tears started flowing as I fell to the floor
I knew I couldn’t hold it back anymore.
Everyone walked around me
As if I was there but they couldn’t see.
I gathered the strength to stand
But found myself sinking lower as if I was in quicksand.
To see someone so special be so breathless and pale
It felt like my heart was being put in jail.
I watched you lay there hoping you’d wake
But that right there was my biggest mistake.
You’re no longer in pain
But I am, and I have heroin to blame.

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