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April 9, 2018
By Pinaki BRONZE, Kota, Other
Pinaki BRONZE, Kota, Other
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-Meryl Streep

We will be miles and miles


but my love for you will

      never depart.


This world is a mess,

and I am writing this to confess,

that you're my best friend I guess.


Letters of love I will send,

to you my friend,

untill my life ends.


C'mon now warm up

    your feet,

and lets dance on

    that beat.


I hope with god's grace,

this smile always reamains 

 on your bright face.


Oceabs may dry, 

Birds may fly, 

& I know people are Sly 

You can forget me, 

but how could I..............oh dear dear!!

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem when one and only gal pal whom once i thought was good and true betrayed me .

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