Plastic Battles

April 7, 2018
By Alisa K BRONZE, Slc, Utah
Alisa K BRONZE, Slc, Utah
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We use one almost every day,
And it ends up crumpled and thrown away.
We waste so much for a brief pleasure,
Is there anything that we truly treasure?

We only live one time,
And yet destroying ourselves seems to be our pastime.
Are we blind to our own pain,
Or do we simply let it reign

The world is full of agony,
The misdeeds of humanity.
We always desire,
And it consumes us like fire!

Plastic bottles full of dreams.
Cry out as they are ripped apart at the seams.
We move onto the next one,
Using it until it is undone.

“When will this stop?”
Wonder the bottles as they drop.
A mountain of broken plastic lies behind,
A true monument of humankind.

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