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Do Other Animals Have Mucus?

April 6, 2018
By BenCoody BRONZE, Madison, Georgia
BenCoody BRONZE, Madison, Georgia
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Boogers consist of mucus and random particles such as nose hair and dust. If you take the words “mucus” and “dust”, you can see that the letter “u” shows up three times. Coincidentally, the word three has five letters in this word. Now, how could this be a coincidence you may ask, but look closer. In the words “three” and “five” the letter “e” pops up three times as well as the letter “u”. Did you also know that there are two letters in between the letters “e” and “u” in the list of vowels? Those letters between “e” and “u” are “i” and “o” as you probably already know. A name that contains all four of these letters in the name “Louie”, but wait, there’s more. A famous fictional tv character by the name of Donald Duck has three nephews. One of which is named Louie, but Louie is a duck. He can’t possibly have mucus like a human. However, since the name “Louie the Duck” contains two of the letter “u” as well as the word “mucus” then, yes, ducks have mucus.

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