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Young Black Man

March 27, 2018
By oliviapapini BRONZE, Delran, New Jersey
oliviapapini BRONZE, Delran, New Jersey
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Some people fear you.
Young Black Man,
I fear for you.

Why should you have to be uncomfortable walking down the street, Young Black Man?
Why should you have to feel unsafe being pulled over by a person who is supposed to protect and serve you, Young Black Man?
Why should your mother, the woman who birthed you, have to fear that you may not come home tonight, Young Black Man?

Why does your culture face so many injustices, Young Black Man?
Why is my white culture, so afraid, so unfair, so discriminative, towards you, Young Black Man?
Why are you seen as inadequate just because of the way you look, or where you are from, Young Black Man?

Aren’t we all supposed to come from the same man, Young Black Man?
God created us all in one image, so why must you suffer and hurt, Young Black Man?
What makes you so different, and seen so negatively, Young Black Man?

Simply, because of the color of your skin,
how you are supposed to appear,
how you are supposed to act,
the stereotypes that have been brought upon your culture.
You get mistreated, abused, and shamed, Young Black Man.
I’m sorry, Young Black Man.

One day, in hope of change,
You will be comfortable walking down the street.
You will feel safe being pulled over by the law.
Your mother will not have to fear for your life whenever you walk out of the door everyday.

You will not face injustices, Young Black Man.
You will be treated with human decency.
You will be seen as adequate, even beyond, with everything you do.

You will be seen as the same as the next man.
You will no longer suffer and hurt.
You will be seen as different, but in the best way possible.
You will live a life where you are equal, successful, happy, and at peace, Young Black Man.

I pray for you everyday, Young Black man.
You are loved, Young Black Man.

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