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April 2, 2018
By Anonymous

People have secrets
People have stories
Some want to keep them
The ones who share are gory
You never know what you’ll hear
Until you are told, and you fear
That the things you weren’t taught in life
Are the ones that are commonly rife
You start to wonder about everything you’ve learned
All the good memories in your mind slowly start to burn
You question who you are
All happiness seems so unreachable and far
Seeing that life is truly unfair
You get on your knees and start a prayer
“Please God, guide me to a fresh start” you ask
Slightly slurring your speech as you take more and more drinks from your flask
You are well on your way to being drunk from pain
Thinking back to everything as you go down memory lane
The most prominent being your brother’s death
You shudder at the memory and let out a shaky breath
You’re angry because he’s gone
But you realize that he fought hard and your anger is wrong
Your anger increases regardless as you start to bawl
You scream, stand up and repeatedly punch the wall
Becoming lightheaded from the blood loss in your hand
You fall from dizziness, but get back on your feet to stand
You eventually give in and slowly slide down
As your sitting there, it feels as if you might drown
Another flashback quickly hits you
And you lightly kick the wall with your shoe
As you try to ignore the pain these horrid thoughts have brought
All throughout the day, your stomach in knots

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