Thoughts out Loud

April 5, 2018
By Vrinda21 BRONZE, BRAMPTON, Ontario
Vrinda21 BRONZE, BRAMPTON, Ontario
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Favorite Quote:
"You only fail, when you fail to try"

Little by little, I start walking out those gates.
Behind that little smile, nobody sees any aches.

Across the dark sky, we see many shining stars.
Yet no one sees the pain, throughout these fears, we hide between both arms.
Today we shall live, yet for someone’s sake.
But tomorrow ain’t coming, even if we’re awake.

Water is deep, and we still dive in.
Yet these painful words, and we still continue to live.
Deep down, look closely, right into our eyes.
Maybe you see the smile, that lay our tears behind.

Some of these thoughts travel faster, then the sounds heard.
Some of the silence speaks louder, then the words spoke.
Some phases in life move faster, then several years combined.
Some of these moments last longer, then those memories on your mind.

Though these shameless people with fame, step over others without being blamed.
They never desire to look back, because they know, there is nothing left to gain.
Underestimating the power of silence, will knock them out, like a gust of wind.
They do not realize, that they’re the little creatures, at the bottom of this beautiful game.

Oh why, oh why, is this world so small.
Between the thoughts and feelings, of many and all.
Days are going by, as time catches flakes.
Today, now, and forever, we ain’t living, for certain people’s sakes.

Though we know, this world so small.
Between the thoughts and feelings, of many and all.
Everyone has their time, and the words will be spoken.
The truth will be heard, and the turns will be taken.

There are many people, that chose to be fake.
But in the end, just like that bird, our branches will break.
We’re all given chances, none left unfortunate.
Yet the only Phoenix’s, have the power, to break through the misfortunate.

Now as I close my eyes, I see the bright blue sky.
I sit here silently, as I hear it cry my name.
It speaks, screams and shouts:
“Leave this place, yet again, it’s not your taste.”

This place was never mine, yet never yours.
We all came together, but now our paths have been torn.
These paths will never cross, no matter how hard you try.
My heart has marked the one, and only place it will lie.

Now listen closely, to what I’ve to say.
These words thoughts and feelings, are the only ones, that stay.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my friends. They're the reason behind my writing and my smile! They've shown me how tough some things really are, but in the end we'll grow even stronger and be recognized as an orginal. For the little things we did and those words and thoughts we left behind.

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dipti18 said...
on Apr. 7 at 5:06 pm
Very beautiful I truly loved the poem:)

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