The Flower in The Field

March 28, 2018

Strong winds blow through the field.
The blazing sun scorches a sad flower.
In the field, the flower stands hunched over, alone.
Weeds grow around the flower thats just trying to survive.
This flower wants nothing more than to grow.
The rain drowns the flower in tears.

The flower tries to swim through the tears.
The cold winter night puts a frost on the flower in the field.
This flower tries to grow.
There is nothing but grass in the field around the flower.
The frost only makes it harder to survive.
The sun has left. The others have left. The flower is alone.

The flowers’ roots reach into the ground. The flower is alone.
The soil is flooded with tears.
The flower tries to stand tall through the flood to survive.
Dark clouds hover over the field.
The wind blows its petals trying to break the flower.
The frost, flood, and wind makes it impossible to grow.

This flower wants nothing more than to grow
Through the flood and frost because it’s alone.
Nothing and no one is near the flower.
The flower tries to push its roots through the flood of tears.
There are no birds flying through the field.
There is no one to help the flower survive.

Each day a petal falls, making it harder to survive.
How is the fragile flower supposed to grow
Through the flooded field?
At night, the moon hides behind the clouds. The flower is alone.
The stars don’t shine at night. The wind carries the flower’s tears.
There are few petals left on the flower.

No one or anything has came to save this flower.
The flower dreams of the sun coming to melt the frost, so it can survive.
The soil has been moved and carried through the tears.
With few petals and a broken stem, it’s hard to grow.
The frost numbs the flower that stands alone.
This flower is hopeless, cold, and alone in the field.

Frost, wind, and tears make it impossible to grow.
Trying to stand alone, helpless, is hard to survive.
I am the flower in the field.

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