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The Old Street of Milwaukee—St. Paul Ave

March 28, 2018
By Anonymous

Day 1

Move in day:
The day I start my journey.
I dust the cabinets and shelves from the early 1940’s,
sweep the checkered floor, and listen to The Bee Gee’s play on my turntable.
I vacuum the rough brown carpet that looks like dirt.
Scrubbing the bathroom tub, I remove scum and bacteria.
As I unpack memories from the better days, I realize this is my new life.
Today, is move in day.

Day 2

Job finding day:
I walk down the windy and wavy streets of Milwaukee.
The smell of honey roasted peanuts, popcorn and hot pretzels reminds me of my grandparents.
The orange signs by West Fowler and East Detroit Street say: CONSTRUCTION AHEAD.
As I turn a corner, there stands a blue LED sign: Brass Light Gallery.
The windows fog with the dust and tint from old age.
I walk through the front door, squeakier than rubber boots on a dry floor.
Today, I found a job.

Day 3

First day at The Brass Light Gallery:
My boss had me dusting and sweeping for two weeks.
In pounds of dust, I wear a mask.
The owner is older than the dust bunny in my pocket.
I dust in between each nook and cranny.
I take one glance to the left and there sits an antique lamp.
I notice the hand stitched green grass and blue sky.
Today, I became a Milwaukean.

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