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How to Feel Beautiful

April 2, 2018
By Tan.Jiayan SILVER, Singapore, Other
Tan.Jiayan SILVER, Singapore, Other
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How to Feel Beautiful

Step 1:
Take a deep breath.
Put that foundation down.
Put the eyeliner down,
And that sparkly bag stuffed with makeup.
The knockoff Gucci handbag,
That you begged your mom for.
You don't need those.
You're better off without them.

Step 2:
Don't worry about the freckles.
They're a part of you.
Don't think about the sunburns.
Don’t think about the moles and pimples.
The large birthmark.
The scar you got from an injection.
The large rash running down your ear.
They're all a part of you.

Step 3:
Forget about what they said.
Let go of what they told you:
That you were ugly.
That you were plain.
That you had to buy better clothes.
And that you looked like a wrinkly elf.
Turn a deaf ear to them.

Step 4:
Get out of the house.
Flaunt your beauty,
Inside and out.
Let them know that what they said,
Can't bring you down.
Let the world see you,
Just the way you are,
au naturel,
Without all that artificial tar.

The author's comments:

My friend Ariel helped edit this. Credits go to her.

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