truth poem

March 30, 2018
By Anonymous

I have lived in one place
Then going to two modern houses every other day
Going back and forth same boring  view  every other day
Even at school walking to class in the same pattern.
That's the truth 

I have went on many vacations
Ones where it was a short airplane ride or a 4 day car ride going day and  night.
A short stay in somewhere random or a long planned vacation
From the places where there is nothing to do but sit and talk to the places where you never stop moving
But that is the truth

I have done may stupid things
From eating a spider my friends told me to eat
Doing stupid stunts and doing stuff to embarrass myself 
But you can’t forget everything in between
I am not lying 

I have etten many things
Anywhere from a five star restaurant,steak
To a old little restaurant in the middle of nowhere that served a crazy sandwiches
But they all end up good
It’s true

I have many different hobbies 
active activities like soccer and long boarding
To water sports like surfing and wakeboarding
And even my hobbies that take no skill like my video games I play
Well it the truth

I have done many things in my life
From the houses i live at and the places i go
To the dumb stunts i have done and stuff i have etten
And even my hobbies i have
But they are all the truth

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