What I Wanted

April 9, 2009
By Whitney Lora BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Whitney Lora BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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What do you want me to do as I stand there and watch you regress not progress?
What do you want me to say as I take in these immature actions you create?

You expect me to yell and tell you how much you’re disappointing me?
I smile and keep my feelings held back, for fear I might speak something in my desperate state

Wanting you to realize, this is not how you’re supposed to act
Accepting, understanding, patient and tolerant I can be
But my emotions don’t think the same

I wanted to tell you how upsetting it is to think that I’m here with no purpose

That my importance in your life has lost priority
Like everything that’s been happening, all the change I was making, all were lost in that one instance of anger

Sacrificing myself for you and no appreciation in return
I must be the one who doesn’t understand, because it seems like it’s inevitable

Your timing, I’ll admit, is the worst at the time
Your selfishness is evident in your actions

Impulsive actions flow through your veins as you don’t stop and think how this would affect others
I bet if I would express myself and just let go

My words would be as sharp as a knife
And stab your delicate heart
This is why what I wanted to say, will never be said
For fear that we might lose it all, like the sun loses the stars, and never regain what was once said

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