Normal Day at the Beach

March 30, 2018
By Anonymous

We love the beach and it’s warm sun. We-
ekends are full of adventures, food, and real
fun. The water on our feet feels so cool.

The sand between our toes and a drink in our hands. We
got so many things to do with so many hours left.
And we don’t even have one thought about school.

Out far in the ocean deep down, we
can see a dark shadow, a big shark lurk-
ing, we try to swim away, but it’s too late

Full of fear, and eyes of terror, we
clench our fists and give the shark a strike.
Nothing can mess with us. Straight

back to the beach we
swam. The birds start to sing.
In the distance, our uncle, drunk on gin and sin.

He’s always yellin’ and hollerin’ at us and we
try to hide behind tall, thin
trees, but all we can smell is his gin

The closer, and closer he gets we
know the only way to calm him down is with smooth jazz.
The beach is always better in June.

Watching and hearing the monstrous waves crash, we
think about how we almost die-
d. Hopefully, we don’t see the shark anytime soon

The author's comments:

This is a golden shovel poem that I made with a classmate during poetry class. It is about your typical day at the beach.

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