When I Hallucinate

March 30, 2018
By Anonymous

It's rather a fright, that day,
when nothing seemed right -a premonition to say;
All sorts of fear up my spine, an eerie indeed,
When that "clairvoyant" side of my brain took to lead;
Fearless , not brave, I walked down the hall,
Clutching hold of everything--the bureau, the wall;
The slightest sound reminded of the poltergeist, a ghost,
for he was the only one I was scared of the most;
When the night turned to its darkest black,
I heard something that made me step back;
In the middle of the night, oddly it was the telephone,
Nothing but a "hello", in the heaviest tone;
I left the phone hanging at the table's edge,
As I heard the books falling from the ledge;
Then woke my mind as I came to realize
I never owned a telephone or a bureau to be precise!
I ran to my neighbor as something was wrong,
that night was seemingly quite long;
She was kind enough to let me sleep over tonight,
Then something struck me with a fright,
I ran out again, this time somewhere far,
For I never had a neighbor, yes, that was bizzare !

The author's comments:

I am a kind of person who loves to watch horror stuff in the morning, then regret it at night....

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