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March 26, 2018
By KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
KayJean SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
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I am surrounded but alone
I wonder why kids can be so cruel
I hear a teenagers silent plea for help in a crowded room
I see a girl’s throat clawing its way out of her neck,
begging to be seen
I want to help all who scream so loud, but are still     ignored
I am surrounded but alone

I pretend we are heard but left misunderstood
I feel freezing warmth as I lay so close to you
I touch the throats of those left silent, pull them up and
make them speak
I worry all the stories that should be heard will be left
I cry as I scream and pray to all the unknowns to be taken
from this life
I am surrounded but alone

I understand my story, and many others, will make you
I say, “I’m fine.” just like all the others who are alone
I dream to forget about everything this life as given me
I try with every fiber of my being to always be
surrounded  by people who are okay
I hope that someday I will be one of those people
I am surrounded but alone

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