Love and Elevators

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

The cold steel doors let go of each others brace. Running towards the door she swiftly jumps over the inch wide hole in the floor where the thick cable wires peek through. The doors unite once again while her delicate pale finger brushes against the level button. She focuses on the murky green glow that illuminates around the number 1. After, she concentrates all of her senses on the keyboard that is bolted to the side of the wall. “Capacity 800 lbs” she reads to herself.  “How many people would fit in here before fragile cables would give out?” She pondered as she stood in the corner gently placing her back against an ad for Cape Cod Cruise Line. Her arms lay heavy by her sides as she stares through the crack between the doors. Wrinkles form around her hazel eyes as she squints to catch a glimpse of what is beyond those doors. The only thing she can see is a blinding thin strip of light. The doors part ways once again to let a stranger pass through. She gawks at him, examining every part of his face and hair. His soft blonde waves melt into a stubby side shave. His eyes a light blue hue. His face wrinkles as he smiles baring teeth. “What floor?” she asks the man. “You already pressed it” He explained to her. She shyly looks down as a thick layer of awkwardness clouds the air. “What do you do for a living?” he asks her. “I go to college, but after that I hope to become a teacher” she quickly replies. “I go to college too! At FSU” he delightly said as the two made eye contact again. “Me too!” the corners of her lips wrinkle as she continued to smile at him. They talked for what seemed like hours but in reality was less than a minute. The doors open suddenly and she walks out. “Hey, what's your name?” he asks before they go their separate ways. “I’m Natalie” she shouts as she starts to get buried in the crowd. “Why aren’t you getting off?” She asked him. “Because I’m just here for you” he replied. “What, what do you mean Joe?” she asks him. “I’m not really here Natalie, and one day you will learn to let go of me and what we could have been” he says, and with one innocent blink, the elevator is once again empty.

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