March 26, 2018
By fortnitelegend BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
fortnitelegend BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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That was the trial run for what is yet to come. We have been warned many times but America has chosen not to listen. Life here in our country is at the downfall, which no one saw coming at the start. Everyone thought it was a one time occurrence, but the Russians have shown us otherwise. Russian General, Anatoly, sent out three cargo ships heading to North Carolina’s Fort Bragg military base, each ship held two tanks and ammunition for all sorts of weapons.

When the cargo ships were just a mile out, soldiers on land started preparing the docks for the trade to take place. It wasn’t until the loud echoing screech of the firing RPG’s from the land zooming past to the ships that the men realized that this was no trade, it was an attack. 

These were no cargo ships, they were military ships. The loud horns throughout the base rang sending an extremely loud danger call to all troops present. The Russian ships had stopped right where our men on land had set up a loading station and out came the tanks along with hundreds of russian soldiers stepping foot on the land and immediately opening fire. All 6 tanks fully loaded and charging all with one goal, to take over the base. I was unarmed with nothing to do hiding behind ammo crates watching my fellow troops fall to the floor.
There was too many of them, I had no choice but to run out. I ran screaming at other troops that there was no chance, but there were only a few dozen of us still standing. The open fire hadn’t stopped and neither did my legs using all the strength, I had left to get to the helicopter. The russians were moving in on the helipad just two hundred yards out. There was still many of our men in there fighting but we had to leave. The propellers getting louder, the engines roaring, the bullets flying and the surrendering cries of men in the base.
“Wait!” scream a large group of fellow troops sprinting to the chopper. We have no time, the russians are too close. Guilt still comes back to me till this day seeing my fellow troops, especially the one man I’ve been with since the beginning, all gone in less than ten minutes of despair for the country which turns into weeks of failure.

I fly away to safety with only 10 other men in the chopper. This is Recruit Oliver speaking and this is how America lost its country and fought for it back in one week with ten men.

After the tragic event that occured on August 8th, 2012 the only men left from the North Carolina Fort Bragg Military base were the ones that had flown away in the chopper. I was one of eleven from that escape.

Previously the Russian president had issues trading with the United States. They had not been receiving their goods on time and when they did receive the goods, it wasn’t what they had asked for. This had happened several times with our Russian allies and at first they just addressed the problem to our US president but not only the trading issues but also war. The Russian trade ships that had been sent on July 12th, 2012, had been overrun by American Spies unknown by the Russians and the president of the United States. They finally cracked, it wasn’t all until August 8th when we realized that we had crossed the line. Prior to this destruction the Russian president has recorded videos explaining that if nothing is addressed that they will not hesitate to form an alliance with US enemies, not known by America which ones, to overrun these issues.

Our chopper headed north to the white house where all the information we needed was there waiting for us. Radio calls from our chopper were sent out to the white house asking for permission to land as we were about 10 miles out. While I was in the back listening to the static voices on the radio speak, I thought of ways I could have saved my men, innocent brave men who gave up their lives to focus on training for the protection of our country gone in 13 minutes. I realized that there was nothing that I could have done and that I’ll have to fight for them and the people waiting in their homes full of fear hoping nothing goes wrong.

The chopper had slowly descended on the south lawn of the white house. Three men with black sunglasses, black suits and all advanced to the chopper.

“Come with us.” They said, and so the eleven remaining troops followed these men which they led us through the main doors up and around hallways all the way to the living quarters of the president.

Prior to stepping foot into this room each one of us were asked to give consent that from that point forward we will do whatever it is to keep this country safe. We each put our right hand on the bible and the other hand in the air.

The guard asked, “Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of America?”

Each one of us responded with, “I am willing to sacrifice myself for the good of America.” Then we all stepped foot into President Richard McLarson’s office. The look on the McLarson’s face shot fear into us eleven men sending a coursing pulse through our veins.

Without hesitation, McLarson spoke, “ You are my only men left, the only men that can fight for the future of this country. I ask only one task of you men, and I can’t guarantee that by the end of this all eleven of you will be standing. In two days all of you will be flown to Russia where a group of ten european soldiers will be waiting at your drop point so you can move forward with your task. From there you will follow these soldiers to a camp they set up just eight miles southeast of the Russian military base, Armenia. The next morning you will travel a  three miles closer to the base and with radio receptors interfere with the radio calls and gather intel that could be useful for an advantage point that we can use to fly over the base and drop strikes. General Semedo, can I trust you to stay here and when called fly the fighter jet?”

“Yes sir,” General Semedo said, with fright in his voice as the words tumbled to spill out. The president raised his hand and waved to the ten of us and we were then escorted out.

We all were flown to our homes given time to pack our bags with the essentials then arrive back at the white house with the military equipment that will be used for the mission. 1:23 am the clock reads. I can’t fall asleep due to all that has happened. All the men that have fallen along with our country. My wife lay there next to me fast asleep while I lay there next to her speaking to her in my mind saying, “I’ll be back.” Then before I know it my eyes were shut and rested for the big day the next morning.

I am required to be at the white house at 4 pm and it is a one and a half hour drive. I wake at 9 am to the pleasing smell of breakfast pancakes and the running around of my two children that are playing with toy cars and barbie dolls. I sat at the table with breakfast in front of me and I don’t eat. I sat there recalling the thoughts I had at 1:23 am last night. It will never leave my mind the sight of not only my fellow troop falling but my brother. I should’ve saved him, it’s all my fault. Me and my brother would be doing this together, saving America for its future but I left him.

Time passes with my family and the clock reads 2 pm, the time that I will never want to see again. My children both fast asleep, I walk into their room lay over them and give them both a kiss on the forehead hoping the day will come where I see them once again. I stand up walk out the door, stop, turn around and look back into the door at my beautiful children then walk away praying they grow up to become someone greater than what I am.

My wife stands at the door with my car keys and my bags waiting to say her goodbyes. I approach her and take my things and we walk to my car in unison. I throw my things in the trunk, turn on the car and stand outside of my car in front of my wife.

“Goodbye, Oliver,” she said.

“No, it’s never goodbye.” The words have been spoken and we advanced toward each other and I can feel her shake as tears drop down one side of her face and then the other.

“I’m coming back, I promise.” The words I said, most importantly, ‘I promise’ were the words I should have never said. War is inevitable by the world, the people who step into these whole world issues may step into oblivion. I, Oliver Recondo, stepped into this state long before and there is no turning back.

August 16, 2012
Moscow, Russia


“Grab your gear boys! T- minus two minutes to drop!” The feeling of nervousness overran through my body. Everyone on the plane had prepared for this event and I sat there thinking to myself, ‘This is crazy. But for the sake of my country, we came to Russia to take everything we had lost just days before and there is no going back to America unless we take what was once ours back.’

“This is it boys! Like Mr. President said, I can’t guarantee your safety, I can't even guarantee my own. But I can guarantee that this is gonna be one good fight. Now who’s with me?!”

Everyone jumps up and screams “We are!” with the most passion I had ever seen out of any group of men. The chopper hovered over our waypoint and out popped the doors.

General Lingard spoke once more, “The more you men sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.” Then he jumped. One after another all following in his steps and it came to me. I took a deep breath and stated, “Here goes nothing.” and I jumped. There was nothing that had ever felt so amazing. I was felt weightless, like nothing else had really mattered just me and the air rushing past me. There was no other sensation that I would change what I was feeling for.

After just a minute or so of falling I had finally reached an altitude that forced me to pull out my parachute. Half a mile above ground dangling by a huge piece of fabric. I had never thought that this is where I would be today but I am thanks to my mom.

I always told my mom that I wanted to be in the army as a young kid. She had always told me the same thing when I said I want to be in the army which was, “If I can’t stop you, I am not going to try. I only want what is best for my sons. You’ve got what it takes but it will take everything you've got.” I will never forget these words, for my mom passed April of last year. Both me and my brother always repeated this phrase to each other. I never knew the last time I said it to either of them would be my truly last I had ever seen them.
“Move out!” General Lingard ordered as we all released our parachutes. All ten of us were on the lookout for the british soldiers that we are supposed to unite with. I pulled out my radio and Sergeant Erickson grabbed the receptors for our radio which extended the range of the radio from 1 mile to a large 12 miles. Erickson and I had adjusted the the panels and antenas of the receptor hoping we would get a reading of the British soldiers.

Static is all that was heard for a few minutes until the gunshot cracked in the air as fierce as thunder but without the storm. All ten of us dropped and on top of a mountain saw six men with rifles pointing all at us, four men thirty yards behind us and one man walking towards us showing no fear. It was the british soldiers. All ten of us stood up with great caution knowing that any slight wrong movement will cause a bullet to pierce our skin.

“Reveal yourselves,” said British Cadet Yakob with a low demanding voice that sounded exactly what you would imagine a tough british soldier to sound like.

“10 cracked shells” was the code words that showed who we are. Yakob, raised his fist and gave a thumbs up to all ten other british soldiers and they all put their weapons down. Without any hesitation we all advanced to the way point for a camp that these soldiers we met have already set up.


August 17, 2012
Moscow, Russia

Three miles east of the military headquarters.


We had walked two miles from the drop point to our camp. Radio calls are trying to be sent to America with britain technology that uses all cell towers to locate signals up to thousands of miles. The static of the radios were all that was being heard while we were waiting for a connection to inform the president of our advancements.

Finally a signal was found and we spoke to, President  McLarson, “Lingard you have no time! The Russians have moved to D.C. and are continuing to move all over america! You have to engage now, I have sent General Semedo and two others to drop explosives on your call. Go now!”

Immediately all of us bolted up gathered all of our equipment and started moving in. The cold snowy climate caused for a difficult journey and it was at this time I knew that what ever happened from this point on would not only be for the good of America, but it was the fight for survival.

After fifteen minutes of running we are just half a mile outside of the base. Ten of our men went to the east side of the base and the rest of us went to the west side. Each group had radio receptors looking for the signals from the jets that Mr. President had sent out.

It was too late, sirens rang throughout the whole base and at this same time the jets with General Semedo came in. That was our cue. The loud roaring scream of the jets flying over us dropped three large bombs each setting explosions all over the base. Then we engaged.

Both groups of us moved to the south side in order to meet and move as a unit. It was do or die at this point and die wasn’t an option for any of us. The constant noise of bullets soaring through the air had given me a reason to fight for what we all love. We had them, over time the amount of bullets heard was gradually decreasing and I knew at this point that the fight is over.

“Move in! Move in! This is fight or flight boys!” We all knew that meant we not only had the fight in hand but it was just seconds from us overtaking what was once ours. After the sacrifices that we made, we all came out alive.

“WHOO-RAH!” We all screamed.

The promise of our lives was never made but it was taken to action.

As everyone was cheering I stood there quietly and listened. I heard an unusual noise that wasn’t present until now. I looked around and tried to trace this sound but before I had time to react they struck. Behind this huge concrete wall was where the sound had been coming from and that sound was the reloading of a tanks ammunition and out it came bursting through the concrete wall.

We all were unprepared and with this came out a second tank along with what had happened on August 13th. Out came the russians that had retreated just minutes ago. The tanks raining down their missiles to the twenty one of us that had just overran a base with hundreds now came down to a base with two tanks and dozens of russians. This means war.

“Take cover!”

But it was too late, the missiles had hit three of our men sending them to the ground motionless. I thought, this is it. If it was one thing that I feared was not living this day to see my family again. I looked over at our fallen men then looked around the corner to see that the remaining russians don’t see us. Quickly we all sprinted inside the building we were taking cover around and climbed to the roof. One after another we go to the roof and it was our time to shine.

Again came the vision and sounds of bullets soaring through the air but once again it was our advantage. We had eyes on all the remaining enemies but the tanks had their barrels right on us. The advantage was taken once again for the tanks had spotted and engaged on us sending another two men to the ground. Lingard dropped to the men and ripped off their dog tags and slide them in his vest.

This was the last straw. “Cover me!” I told Lingard.

“Oliver no!” But that didn’t stop me. I backed up to the edge of the ceiling, spirited to the other end and jumped to the tanks front end. The wind had been knocked out of me like the wind blows out of a balloon creating a wheezing sound as the air flows out ever so quickly.

Bullets grazing the camouflage painted metal of the tank I was trying to get into. The top seal was shut tight unable to break. I pulled out my nine millimeter and sent the rounds through the top breaking the seal creating a space for me to enter. Two Russian soldiers stood there controlling the vehicle unaware that I broke in. One of the Russians turned around with a knife at my neck. Everything paused, this was life or death, quick reactions are everything in these situations but I couldn’t move. Shot with fear the knife at my neck and then he moves forward looks me in the eye, turns and pierces the other soldier controlling the sights of the tank.
Puzzled I was to find out that under the mask was one of our own.


“No time private, move in and get the job done.”

“Yes sir.” I hopped out to see a sight that should have never been seen with my eyes. All but three of our men had hit the floor motionless with rounds still flying through the air. I stood there for less than a second and then once again came the sound of metal being forced upon metal. The fight was almost over but it wasn’t us that would come out the victors. It was just Lingard, Erickson, Semedo and I to hold up against an army of dozens left. Back on the roof I see Lingard and Erickson jump down and take cover behind the tank that us men raided. We advanced to what we hoped was the last engagement of this large battle.

We were heavily outnumbered soldier and tank wise. Both us and them had one tank each.

“Take out the big guns! Private go for the tank I got you covered!” orders Lingard.

“Now Private!” This was it, we take out the big weapon then we have a better advantage against the men on foot. Back to the rooftops I went sprinting and jumping between buildings trying to get an advantage point for the remaining tank. As I was jumping on buildings I realized that I was behind every soldier that was on foot and behind the tank. I look over at Lingard about one hundred yards away and I saw his arms waving at me telling me to move in now.

Once again, I backed up, took a deep breathe in and then released into a sprint. Every step counts, one foot after the other and then a dismount. Soaring through the air until I landed right on the barrel. Struggling to keep a grip I rip off my helmet and link it around a stud on the end of the tank and pull myself on. Again I reached the top and it the entrance was blocked by a seal. The metal on metal screeching sound was audible once again as I enter the tank with the nine millimeter. The seal breaks, I hop in and the Russian soldier had been ready and already had his weapon pointed at me.

“What does this accomplish?”  he asked me, “What is it that you are fighting for, your country? Your life? Or is it what those Generals tell you? You put yourself into this mess kid and there is no going back. You’re a very brave young man, but not brave enough.” The echoing ring of the bullet soared through my ears vibrating my bones. I was motionless, I opened my eyes to see the Russian on the ground without a single moment to be made. Above the seal was Yakob, there with holes in his vest and cuts visible on every part of skin that was exposed. It was very evident that he had been hit with bullets in every place possible.

“You’d do it for me.” He said to me, without Yakob I wouldn’t be telling you this story today. The few hours I had been with Yakob were the only hours that made me realize that no one is superior to anyone it’s just some know what it takes to be a leader and that is what Yakob was to me. Those were the only words he had ever said to me and those words are the ones that saved my life.

He died on the battlefield a soldier with no fear and one task and one task only and that was to eliminate the Russian army military base and he succeeded. It is very unfortunate that he did not live to see the day where America and Britain ran the world. The proper leaders are ones like Yakob. He saved my life by taking his own for the good of the lives of his people at home and the ones remaining on the battlefield.

I hopped out of the tank hovering over Yakob, sat and looked at him, then grabbed his dog tag and advanced towards Erickson, Lingard and Semedo, the only soldiers left on their feet.

“The fight is over lads. I know that Mr. President had not guaranteed our safety and that has been shown today. The lives that were lost are to be remembered for the task that was proved as possible but was thought of as possible of all the people back home. Collect all dog tags of our fallen and report to me as soon as all tags are collected.” ordered Lingard. I walked around spotting our fallen and and I heard something.

Something not usual to be on a battlefield. It was music. I advance towards the beat and looked down at one of the fallen and noticed that music was playing through earbuds that one of our soldiers had. I reached down and grabbed his dog tag and listened to the music. I took the earbuds and the mp3 that was playing the music. The song was Home by Phillip Phillips.

“Hold on, to me as we go as we roll down this unfamiliar road. And although this wave is stringing us along. Just know you’re not alone. ‘Cause I’m gonna make this place your home. Settle down, it’ll all be clear. Don’t pay no mind to the demons that fill you with fear. The trouble it might drag you down. If you get lost, you can always be found. Just know you’re not alone. ‘Cause I’m gonna make this place your home.”

Tears broke out of my eyes as I was imagining not only my family that could’ve lost me today, but the family that lost this fallen soldier. I walked away listening to the song that constantly put a feeling on my heart that was not one that I had ever felt before.

“Come on fellas! Our home waits.” preached Lingard at the sounds of the starting helicopter on a helipad a few yards past some gates that blocked off that area.

“Private let’s go!”

“Give me a minute.” I turned the other way and looked towards the grey stormy skies and spoke to myself. ‘Mom, brother, this world has plenty of space for all of us to fit on. I can’t wish for you two to come back because death is unavoidable but the ways that you passed should have never been ways to say see you later because it’s is never goodbye. Eventually I will come to you guys once more and then nothing else will really matter but this cruel place called Earth is a place that is the most loved and most hated by the people on it but I don’t care about them. The people that have been with me are at the start, the ones who showed that they truly cared and wanted to see success in me after the years of things you have taught me. I am extremely thankful for all that you have done and there is nothing that I would change those years for but the years to come are gonna be the ones that hit me to the ground so I become the earth rather than living on it. I’ll see you soon.’

August 18

One mile east of the white house

“This is General Semedo speaking for the United States army, I ask for permission to land.”

“Permission granted.” The radio calls ended as we lowered on the helipad. All 4 of us remaining hopped out of the helicopter and there standing was President McLarson. 

“Mr. President, where have the russian soldiers that overtook Fort Bragg base gone?” 

“Well the guard standing right next to you issued an extremely intelligent plan. He rigged the outer edges of the base with above ground unnoticeable mines that sent the underground mines planted all over the base to ignite causing the base to crumble along with the soldiers in it. Sadly it took the lives of the other guards that escorted you out prior to your mission which will never be forgotten.”

“Looks like we have a similar case.” I pulled out the dog tags of all the fallen soldiers and handed them to McLarson. Each of which are now being presented in a special speech by McLarson to recognize what these men did for their country.

Two days later, thousands gathered in Washington, DC to hear McLarson’s speech and so it read, “These dog tags show the soldiers that fell in silence to the loud screaming rounds that were implemented in not just these men but us as well. Was piercing that hearts of the people related to these men. And to those families, we will be having a donation event in order to restore what was lost in Moscow just two days ago. But just to let you know, all british soldiers that not me nor did the men that went on this mission know who these men are but the lives of all those soldiers were given for the sake of America, a foreign country to them. This tells all of us at home that for anything, its not the story of what is being lost, it’s the story of how you fight the fight. The way all people from all parts of the world combine as one and show each other that we are all in this as one. Yes, everyone has rivals but everyone has heard of the phrase, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and those two weeks of fight showed to us that this is in fact the way we should all believe in each other. Now I ask all of you, one day, if you are ever brought up in a situation which where you can lend any sort of help for the ones you don’t know, don’t hesitate. Life is supposed to be lived with grit and kindness because one of my old teachers once asked my class and I will ask you the same question. “What is more powerful than kindness?” The choice is yours.”

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