March 20, 2018
By Anonymous

But could youth last, and love still breed,
Had joys no date, nor age no need,
Then these delights my mind might move
To live with thee and be thy love.

My love is never ending,
And my love will never stop.
From the outside,
To within.

You laugh, you cry.
As i the same.
You tell me many things,
And i the same.

You have perils,
You have certainty.
You show these a many,
Happiness, sorrow, worries, knowledge…

You hide yourself,
As do i.
You understand and listen,
As do i.

I shall be there,
As i know you will too.
Though it may not be perfect,
There shall always be warmth with you.

Foolish one may be,
One loves thee.
From the bottom of my heart,
And the deepest of my soul.

From the start,
To the end.
May we be there for each other,
With love and certainty

You are important to me,
Way beyond the ends of earth.
I trust with greatness,
And love endlessly.

You are my love,
And always will be,
To live with thee and be thy love
Thy be thee, the greatest love to me.

The author's comments:

this is a poem that i wrote for the girl i love, it was also a class assignment.

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