March 19, 2018
By :PEKMNWLKNF BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
:PEKMNWLKNF BRONZE, Royal Oak, Michigan
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Mornings are rough
Hard to start the day on the right side
The right
The right of way was abused
People drive recklessly
Injuries occur
Life happens

People get hurt but injuries never heal

Walking is hard
In the right knee
something stops me from a perfect gate
But walking is necessary

I can’t walk very well
But walking is important
Walking is hard
But walking is important

I walk fine now
You would never guess
I’m missing some part of my knee
I walk easy
I still feel pain
But I walk easy

It’s all a blur
looking into the past
Recovery is supposed to work that way

I was hit by a car
I was in the hospital
I was struggling
I can walk

Because my right knee can now


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