Old Year Begone, New Year Come Along

March 18, 2018
By Carzland GOLD, Watchung, New Jersey
Carzland GOLD, Watchung, New Jersey
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I fell asleep last night in hopes of slipping away
From this reality of tortures that has led me astray
This world that we all live in must have walked the wrong path
For this sorrow lingering cannot be right


Where we live is so imperfect and everywhere one looks
This unsymmetrical world stares out into the soul
Of the very believer who tortures all to see
A universe full of mysteries


And so I fell asleep last night in hopes of slipping away
The past year has been so harsh upon my body
I picture how upon the deathbed I lay
Never to see the world go ‘round once again


This morning I awoke like any other day
Thinking that life will be a torture once again
Something’s amiss, I say, for enlightenment has happened
And it seems as though I have travelled into heaven

This coming year is due to be full of surprises
I think as I fling open the window rise
For the sun, the birds, and nature is out there
Waiting to be explored as I travel toward the deep


This morning I awoke to the calling of a new year
With mysteries out there unexplored
It’s the first day of a fresh chance to start over once again
And I say, Happy New Year!

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