One Last Night

March 18, 2018
By Turtlezzz BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Turtlezzz BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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One last night, he whispered into the darkness
Grabbing his rope and note, he never felt so heartless
Leaving the door unlocked, he moped into the streets
Not knowing where, just somewhere he found peace
After hours past, he made his way into some timber
Eyes in trees, he searched for a branch so limber
Suddenly, a flash of lightning blinded his gaze
Smiting the willow ahead of him, she set ablaze
And as dry as she was, the ember spread with haste
Then the sky began to shower, crying from the guilt it faced
Falling backward, the man seized his breath
And as quickly as the inferno saw life, he met death
But with the willow as weak as she was, she had to fall
And as the man returned to his feet, a stag began to wrawl
Realizing what has happened, the man equipped his rope
Tying an end to the lumber, he spotted a branch of hope
Looping the twine over, he pulled the willow off the fawn
And using his note as gauze, he ceased the blood it’s drawn
As the rain began to slow, the sky began started to light
And on his way back home he mumbled, Oh what a night
He entered his unlocked door, stunned that there wasn’t theft
Then he rested his head on his bed, forgetting why he left

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