March 16, 2018
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Shouting I stand,
Waving my hand;
But I'm alone,
In this chaotic land.

I scream, I shout:
I'm hopeless without
A single soul
To match my route.

Frozen in shock,
I aimlessly walk
But without purpose;
For I'm not in the flock.

Invisible I remain,
I can't break this chain
Forever cursed,
This isn't humane.

Is anyone there?
It's like I'm talking to air,
I don't understand
Why no one will care.

Can anyone hear me?
This can't be,
All I wanted
Was to be happy.

This world is cruel.
It's like a duel;
Everyone fighting,
Just to be cool.

I can't go on,
Not like this
For without a friend,
What's there to live for?

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