The Truth

March 14, 2018

The pinnacle of creation walks through the hallways

With a smile clear as crystals

It is telescopically clear that she defines friendship

She leaves people clear of fear of ridicule

And turns all myriads of beads of tears

into the intolerable magnificence of ecstatic comfort

The pure pleasure of her words thaws hearts

She is like the wind waving the branches

the gentle breeze guiding the branches to safety

Silently, she leaves in a state of flight

And un-noticed, she escapes to be alone

With reluctance, the mask of dazzling uncertainty falls

She has had to scrape and saw

out of each pit society has dug her

She is the sun, she has strained herself

All she does is give and give

Feelings brush under the rug like dirt

A great disappointment in her eyes

Haunting like the work of an evil child

The truth is dry, desolate, and dangerous

The truth is that her fear is sharp as lightning

The truth is that it is dangerous waters

The truth is that she is sinking

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