A Thousand Miles Apart

March 14, 2018
By Anonymous

I cast the deciding vote

I will not stand for your intolerable magnificence

Mystic feelings disproportioned

Like variations of bursting performances of thunder

I have strained myself trying to speak volumes

Language cannot do you justice

It is intoxicating.

We burn with all manner of colored fires

Changing again and again

Inconceivable commotion

Again and again


Fallen angels filled with foreboding


Our feelings attending strictly to business.


I mull over it

You vote to go

Let's take your side of it


We lose our burned and dreadful look

We glow, trapped in color


Are lovely beyond thought

Like an explosion of dazzling jewels

Your little faults enchanting

You compel my admiration

Like a favorable spring day

There are some things you will not stand

I love it.

Admiring your feelings

Sticking out beyond the edges

My admiration compensates for all

Old opportunities outraged

You are right.

The author's comments:

This is a found poem using text from Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck and The Weather of New England by Mark Twain.

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