Listen to the Wind

March 14, 2018
By Lupita Lupita BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
Lupita Lupita BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
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She is trapped 
Beyond the stars
Beyond the mind
Lying down in an intolerable fear
A chuckling fear
She has been cracked by the silence
It burned
It was cynical like a congressman
It chuckled unearthly
At her
Trying not to hear the words of the wind
She strained from a swift sweep of wind

Then she listened

It was not a commotion
It was not bad
The wind had said ''Listen''
She heard 
''listen to the silence''
The silence was overloaded with impossible clarity
Lovely color dazzled and went in every direction
It found a map
Color was placed in a direction
Intoxicating rain fell in beads of gold
Explosions of water bewitched the world
Like a child it was pure
At last she was not trapped
At last the lovely word of the lonely wind 
was heard


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found poem

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