March 14, 2018
By Joseph_ BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Joseph_ BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Magnificence clear as crystal

Experiences becomes a spraying fountain

Mysterious responses shout with color

Glowed with hundreds of variations

Trapped in color by the clarity of light

Few friendly fires dwarf fears

Pure ecstatic comfort with hundreds of variations

Bad brushed away like dirt under a rug

It lost its dreadful look

The bad turned to good shouting with color


You want to go on

We crash down


Like the work of an evil child

Dry and sharp, desolate and dangerous

The dazzling uncertainty

Talking my arm off

The grieving turned into a dangerous metal

Desolate and dangerous trapped by clarity of light

Silence is dark and mysterious

Place of Fallen Angels

Felt unwanted in this land

Dreadful glows of unearthly, frightening lands

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