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March 14, 2018
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I suppose the raw dark grieving

that turned the little water

to a dangerous metal

was brushed under the rug

I suppose the overloaded evil was unwanted

I lose and forget

I vote to go down 

To the desolate and dangerous

I suppose I’m in a drought

I get drowned

My vacant eye

My dry mouth

I'm a dazzling uncertainty

I compel a strangers admiration

Not I 

I suppose the intolerable will hold no justice

I suppose I  was not prepared

I the victim was restless

I am skipped every time

I  suppose I was not prepared

For the drive as little as a child

A crooked reluctance to ask

I suppose I’m not fixed

The frantic maker who made us was trying

I’m an apprentice of fear

Of ridicule

In fact I found the rabbity people

I didn’t rightly belong

The unearthly landscape running driven for me

I don't know the pure pleasure of permanently

I'm painted pale with fear

I' m on the details

I'm waiting for a war

While I was wind-warped

I was frantic to talk

I a burning fire crackles

I the nameless, friendless, senseless

I'm dreadful and made sliver

I have strained myself trying to do it

I wasn’t seeing the color in myself

The universal exotic bond in me was unanchored


I rediscovered myself

I was caught in the blanket of stars

That I collected in a fire

That land was lovely beyond thought

I was hungry to talk to hope

I sparkle like frozen dew-drops

Dazzling in a starlight pleasure

My mind is now pure

One cannot make the words to strong

I was the sun and the moon

I'm peculiar and merely need a tune up

I'm lightning

Lightning attending strictly to business

I look beautiful I look dwarfed

I'm raw from the bottom to the top

I'm the clarity of light

I will be fame and fortune

My performance has cracks all about

I’m out of my turtle shell

I could be honor

I could be justice

I'm out beyond the edges

I was caught by the clean-lined clarity of color

Now I am gold

I am tin,


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