I Fear

March 14, 2018
By rj325touchdowns BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
rj325touchdowns BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I fear, the work of an evil child

I fear, the dark, sky filled with omens

I fear, such a place the Fallen Angels

Might have built as a spite to heaven

I fear, the grieving sky looking upon me

I fear a place for a

Colony of troglodytes or trolls

I fear, a sharp, desolate, dangerous, place

I fear, dying grass with heaps of feather

I fear, a dying garden with no life


This may not be so bad after all!


I feel, the sun angling on me

I feel, being trapped in clarity of light

I feel, the sun smiling and glistening

I feel, welcomed as stars shine like silver

I feel, transitioning, landscape turning terrifying to marvelous

I feel, my nostrils being filled with perfume

I feel, the beautiful warm crackling fire

I feel, glowing yellow owl eyes staring me

I feel, the night being friendlier than day

I feel, the strange landscape shouting with excitement

The author's comments:

I did this ssignment in school.

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