March 15, 2018
By tbh.layne BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
tbh.layne BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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Mean people are barely people at all

minute one:

heart beats fast

minute two:

sniffles, nose begins to run

minute three:

she reaches for my hand 

minute four: 

i take hers

minute five:

the cold bites my fingertips 

minute six:

our eyes lock, i see worry

minute seven:

crowd grows restless

minute eight:

feet shuffle 

minute nine:

throat goes dry

minute ten:

we shouldn't have to live like this 

minute eleven: 

i wonder if it hurt

minute twelve:

i wonder if the families are okay

minute thirteen:

she lets go

minute fourteen:

his head drops

minute fifteen:

fingers go numb

minute sixteen:

tears prick my eyes

minute seventeen:

"It's 10:17, thank you for coming. You can go back to class."

minute eighteen:

a tidal wave of ink like tears wash over me, they can be washed away but they still stain.

The author's comments:

This piece is about the walkout on March 14th at 10 for 17 minutes in honor of the victims of the recent Parkland shooting. This is a minute by minute play by play of my personal experience. This can be interpreted in many ways, I did this on purpose, I don't elaborate because we did not get an explanation of why the world is so scary now, why the shooters are doing this, why they want to cause pain. So I will not provide an answer. Except for the last line, I elaborate that I am hurt. And that my tears and this moment will stay with me forever. Another element that makes me love this piece is that as you can see I do not capatlize my i's in the piece. In kindergarten my teacher Mrs.Otonicar told us to capitalize our eyes when referring to ourselves to show we are important. Whenever I was feeling sad or unipreciated I wouldn't capitalize them. To show secretly that I'm not okay. It was my own little secret. It shows that I felt insignificant in that moment. A speck in a world of dots. Just one girl, who was sad. 

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