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New York

March 14, 2018
By T-vick2022 BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
T-vick2022 BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
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New York

Where the roads are scraping and sawing like lightning

The cars are hundreds of instruments in an awful performance

Drowning in thousands of different New Yorkers

where criminal activity screams in the roads

crazy, chaotic, and crowded city

pretty beastly sight

Traffic is everywhere

The city never stops

New York

New York

the city the concrete jungle

The city is happy and sad

buildings towering above us like a statue

varies from crazy to calm to cool

Stores on every corner

Trains tracking through the city

New York

New York

Full of energy like a child

the big apple for big dreams

Where the roads are going up and down with excitement

beyond beautiful and bewildering scenes.

bright lights, bright skies, bright people

made up of dreams

Where life is booming

The concourse is more than what it seems

New York

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