My Friends can be my Boyfriend

April 6, 2009
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My friends can be my boyfriend
Be there for me all the time
They can accept me for who I am
They won’t leave me behind

My friends can be me boyfriend
Bunchy, G-race, and Mo
Dancing all night in our rooms,
Because on the weekends
There’s no where to go

Actually my friends are better than any boyfriend
Because they don’t care how I act
Stealing me free cookies when I’m sad
They always got my back

My friends are better than any boyfriend
Because we all share the same dreams
Working together, because that way,
our goal isn’t as far away as it seems

I don’t need a boyfriend,
All I need are my friends,
Pick me up when I am down
Tying up all the loose ends

My friends are better than any boyfriend,
They provide a shoulder when you need to cry
Hide me from the police
And save me when I feel like I’m about to die

I have the best friends in the world
Well that’s just what I think
Even if we don’t change the world
You saved me from the brink
You changed my world

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