March 23, 2018
By Anonymous

You are the reason my eyes dilate when I look at you.
You are my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
You are the whisper that says my name when I am lonely.
You are the morning and night star that glistens in the bare sky.
You never keep me alone.
You are always with me.
You are the one that scared my hand when anyone touches it.
You are leaves blowing around me.
You are the one that changes the radio.
Why can’t I see you anymore?
Why can I feel your presence but I can’t see you?
Why did you have to leave so soon?

Follow up poem

You tried to stop but it was too late.
They hit us head on while we were holding hands.
Why did you have to leave so soon?
Why did the car have to hit us?
You are my forever.
You were my forever until you left.
Why did you leave so soon?
Why was it you that had to leave?
My affection for you is still alive, like me.
I still feel you when I hold touch my hands, you scared them.
I can see you when that song plays.
The song what killed both of us.
But the song that only took you away.

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