The Caged Bird

March 23, 2018
By StarAnderson BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
StarAnderson BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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When I was a young boy I was a bird who was caged
A bird who couldn’t speak,
Who couldn’t spread his wings,
Who couldn’t stand up for himself
All I did was cry and wait for someone to set me free

It was pitiful that I just layed in the cage to disappear
All alone with no one to be by my side
No one to help me out of the cage
Instead people just made fun of me and let me rot
During those young years my wings weren’t being used

Then - when hope was lost I realized that I was the  person who was going to help me
I was able to free myself from both the cage and my despair and become a better me
And with the help of people who are here now I spread my wings, and let my voice be heard
So when I see people who are caged I want to set them free and let their voices be heard to the world.
I am no longer a caged bird

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