March 22, 2018

It was one of those morning,
I was just going with the slow flow of the day.
Then it happened.
My head hit the floor in an instant.
Thoughts that had been buried trickled through cracks of a broken wall.
Memories that had been hiden came from the shadows.
Truth after truth came flooding in like a river.
It was getting harder to hide it was becoming a hazard.
Tons of bricks on my chest making my heart beat faster.
I yelled and yelled.
Wake up! Wake up!
But still my eyes laid shut and my body laid still.
I had one choice that I dreaded.
Letting out a breath of fear and inhaling a unknown helper.
My eyes shot open with dread.
Was I back? Was I really home?
There’s my worn out chair, that’s my hideous lamp, and this is my home.
It was the morning I faced the frightening truth.

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