Hard Life

March 22, 2018
By Dummy2 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
Dummy2 BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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Get up at 5:00 am in the morning
  a person you live with gets up and argue with you about stupid stuff first thing in the morning ,can’t even say a simple word
Waist 20 mins of your time waiting on people
Shower,Get dressed, fix your hair
Make sure you look good
         “Why is life so hard”
Eat breakfast , rush out the house
Always getting homework , no freedom
Get rushed , pressured by  teachers
Don’t get nearly enough time to do a big projects half the time
Forced to follow some of the most stupid rules in the world
People saying that you smell and that you're ugly
                 “Why is life so Hard”
A day at school always ends well but every day in your life someone is angry with you about  stupid things
There are not a lot of people you can trust
Half of the people around you are fake
People calling you 100 times a day to do simple things they can do themselves.
                    “  Why is life so hard”

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