I Thought Myself Unlovable

March 22, 2018
By Retticulous BRONZE, Macon, Georgia
Retticulous BRONZE, Macon, Georgia
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I thought myself unlovable, alone and in the dark,
I felt for others all the time, but never felt a spark,

For sparks need electricity, passion found at both ends,
I never felt such lightning from girls who said “we’re just friends,”

They say they want the nice guy, no other kind will do,
But if you are a nice guy then you know this isn’t true,

I genuinely felt, at times, as though I’d die alone,
I worried I would never find someone to call my own,

“I found myself unlovable,” notice the tense has passed,
I’ve found someone who feels admired rather than harassed,

She insists that she likes in a quite romantic way,
Which I find quite hard to believe when I’ve been pushed away,

It’s truly quite incredible, knowing you can be wanted,
What I thought was impossible is now mine to be flaunted.

The author's comments:

I've been single for all 18 years of my life, and at certain points, it would lead me to believe I may never be loved. However, recently someone showed me that I could actually be viewed romantically! I still don't know how I feel about this person or the situation itself, but writing about it helped me gain some perspective.

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