A thank you letter

March 21, 2018
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When you first left
i didnt know
it was gonna hit me this hard
i waited for you to come back
And even then i was still patient for a good time
But the only thing
That came back
Were my tears
You were the first person to show me
That people come and go in life
Weather you like it or not
You were the first person to show me
That you can live a whole life
With someone and just in one day
They can be gone in an instant
You were the one to show me
That you cant get certain
Things in life
You were the reason
i became less whole
But then i realized
Maybe this happened for a reason
Maybe this was supposed to happen
For some stupid dumb reason you left
I will not let my happiness depend on
Someone elses actions
Its not fair
See you left
But I can survive this
I survivded the last 2 years with out you
I can sure do it in the many years to come
Because if I can do it once
I can do it twice
I just need the voice in my
Head saying you got this

You showed me that I am stronger
Than I have ever thought
So thank you
for all the memories
The car rides
The fights
The tears
The pain
The laughs
Thank you
You showed me that I dont need you

So this is my thank you letter
From me to you

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