Suicue and The Twin

March 3, 2018
By AbigailBuchanan BRONZE, Crestwood, Kentucky
AbigailBuchanan BRONZE, Crestwood, Kentucky
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The Lonely Girl Battles

There was a girl,

Promised to all,

She is all but a pearl,

We are told she will fall.

She is a writer.

But she in not known,

She is a fighter,

But she is all alone.

She cannot quit,

Not now, not ever,

Not even a little bit,

For she is clever.

She is a rose,

But roses have thorns,

She always shows,

Her little horns.

Never in the way we know,

But they are always there,

She always seems to glow,

But we are never aware.

We do not pay her any attention,

For she is the un-wanted,

We do not mention,

For she is the haunted.

We all ignore her,

But we adore her passion,

She is just a blur,

For she is ashen.

She is all alone,

But she does not care,

We all turn to stone,

For she is rare.

We all turn to stare,

For we know we will never be,

We all want to swear,

For we know she will never flee.

She is our rose,

Our flower,

She will never slow,

For she knows we are all sour.

She will exhale,

We all take a breath in,

We all want to wail,

But we turn to grin.

No, she is not favored,

But she is extraordinary,

She will not be wavered,

For she is evolutionary.

She is our Accalia,

But she has no pack,

She never has a hack, for anything.

We are not aware of what she can do,

That is why she never fits in,

She is the glue,

But she never had a chance to win.

She was fighting a battle,

It wasn't going well,

No one was going to tattle,

Then we made her a cell.

We destroyed her,

We ruined it all,

Now she will not make a spur,

She threw up her walls.

We are all waiting,

For her to end,

We are debating,

"Do we tell, do we help? We destroyed her, we ruined it all."

The day comes,

We found how much we missed her,

And all her little drums,

She was not just a blur.

She ended it,

All the pain we caused,

She never did quit,

She just paused... She's gone, and we did nothing to help her.

She never fought back,

She even wrote three books,

But slowly her heart started to crack,

And she stopped all of our looks.

With her gone, we saw how much she did,

Yearbook, bata, debate, FCCLA, sports, volunteering, tutoring, even just a smile.

We always ingored her.

She's gone...

We did that.

The school goes quiet,

She was fifteen,

But she will be forever gone.

She will never have her chance to rise.


Her Other Half

Her other half is gone,

Her twin,

She will no longer be a pawn,

She starts to raise her chin.

Day after day,

Year after year,

She cannot be kept at bay,

We all turn to cheer.

She starts to rise,

And she fought for her twin,

She no longer cries,

She starts to lift her pin.

She goes onward,

And she never looks back,

She even starts to wander,

Then she started a pack.

None of us could catch up,

She never tried to stop,

She didn't even say "Sup,"

She was no longer just a prop.

She pushed herself to her breaking point,

All to avenge her other half,

She started to pinpoint,

She started to laugh.

She graduated top of her class,

And she never turned into a wreck,

She was no longer made of glass,

She even spoke up for the check.

"All for my sister," she said,

"My other half."

The author's comments:

In sixth grade, I had two friends who wanted to commit suicide. At that time, I truely wanted to help. In the end, they both turned on me. They never thought I could be of any help, they thought I would never understand, but I did. I had no reason to be depressed at time, but I couldn't control it. Eighth grade (now when I wrote this) I got a new friend. She is really my only one, I call her Ash. She knows what happened two years ago, and she helped me out of it. The two girls in the beginning, they went and hanged out with worser people then they should have. They no longer did their best at school.


I hope that if people read this, that they know they are not alone and that someone is always there for them. I have always been to scared to speak up, so I wrote things. My friend, Ash, saw them. I asked her to not tell anyone, because they were going to think I made it all up. She didn't. She never left me, and I think everyone needs a friend like that. Before I enter highschool, I wanted kids to be aware of their peers, I was not. There are so many people who are struggling with something, you just have to look, they usally do not hide it very well.

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