April 4, 2009
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my heart isn't there with him anymore
its like i'm melting away from him
and freezing into someone else
my heart says go but my body and mind
says no

i dont want to hurt him
but i know eventually i'll have to tell
him how i feel
to tell him that my heart isn't with him
either way he's gonna be hurt

worried on what action to take
I don't know
what to do
should I go through with what my heart tells me
or should i stay where my mind and body
wants me to be

But it's fortunate
that i want to be where my heart isn't
should i stay where my heart isn't
that obivious
i need to be where my heart is
even if that leads me to
leaving somebody heartless

i'm somewhere where my heart isn't
where it doesn" want to be

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