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March 20, 2018
By caitd18 BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
caitd18 BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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I am from sweet tea baked in the sun.
From catfish fries and football games,
from the “You win some and you lose some”.
From “Go Green!” and “Go White”.

I am from the scars of long days playing outside,
and from the accidents that you wish,
never happened.
I am from the smell of dirt
and from the sounds of bats hitting
balls and the sound as they
land in old worn leather gloves.
I am also from the 5,6,7,8,
the sounds of pom poms shaking,
and from feet hitting the floor.

I am from the “suck it up”,
“rub some dirt in it”,
but also the satisfaction of
hard work paying off.
I am from the splashes of water from the pool
and the laughter of children in the summer.
From the smells of flowers and
from the stings of their unfriendly guests.

I am from the tears of fights,
and the hugs from make ups.
From the smiles
and kisses on the cheeks.
The sounds of loud music
and bad singing in the car.
But,most of all
I am from love.

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