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The Beautiful Outside

March 19, 2018
By Anonymous

When I stepped outside, I saw forgiveness.
A backyard, so peaceful.
A backyard, where night and day form as one,
Where it’s gloomy, dark, to hide all your fears.

So cold, you can barely taste the pain.
A backyard, reflecting the loneliness of the sidewalk.
Birds flying, eating at the poor birdhouse.

Trees blocking light from the clouds.
A backyard, where a girl goes to feel the prickly grass,
the crunchy leaves, and the dark fence that blocks all happiness.

So empty but full of hope.
A backyard, that can no longer be seen.
You saw a backyard that can’t be loved,

But I saw a backyard.
That is full of memories.
That can never be destroyed.

The author's comments:

This Piece is where I go to realize and to clean my head.

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