March 24, 2009
By littlemisssunshine GOLD, Columbia, Illinois
littlemisssunshine GOLD, Columbia, Illinois
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to myself i start to talk,
really think and begin to walk

the reasons for things to happen are all just a fog,
my heart starts beating and my walk turns to jog

the cheating, and lying, not knowing your son,
my jog starts to speed into a slow run

the stealing the violence and who knows what for,
this slow run increases to a full run and more

the killing, the pain, a natural disaster,
this full run keeps getting faster and faster

the homeless, cold, not getting what they need,
this fast run has now hit its full speed

all these things that people go through,
my run starts to slow, for theres not much to do

the wounded and fighting all across the seas,
i take my last step, and drop to my knees

good and bad is the world, it will never be perfect,
I'm stopped and i know that this walk was well worth it

because from here and now on I'm gonna change lives, and I'll hope and I'll pray that the whole world will try

The author's comments:
World peace...please.

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