March 23, 2009
By maggie lee BRONZE, Morris, Connecticut
maggie lee BRONZE, Morris, Connecticut
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Just when it starts to come back it’s destroyed and
You just get so mad
That your vision tints red
And all you can do is scream
Your pain to the heavens
That watch and mock
Your sorrow and
Make it rain on your perfect day
The creators of all
And the saviors of men
Will start to laugh
And might not stop again
They scream with their laughter
You scream with your pain
There’s no one to
Save you
From what is already done
There’s no way to land
On top of the sun
Your protectors
The angels
That will never exist
Just mock and laugh
And say
Look at this
It’s a sad little human
That’s feeling their pain
Isn’t it fun
To watch them die
In the rain?
So lets come tomorrow
And the day after that
We can laugh loud
Through the skies
It rings loud and pure
As we follow our rule
Of live and let kill
So as they laugh
And throw jokes
As you wither away
Just remember the feeling
For when they feel pain
Then they will scream
As you laugh with joy
As they break down
And perish
As you play with your toy
Remember this lesson
For in time you will hear
The laughter is building
To more than can bear

- Maggie Lee

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